Protect Yourself With The Wedding Workflow Sheet

Gary Fong talks about the importance of documenting every aspect of your gear to protect yourself as a wedding photographer.

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Shooting demo & Lightroom with the Sony 135mm f1.8 EF G Master Lens

Check out the latest in autofocus technology. Fast autofocus performance relies on not only the camera’s ability to detect and […]

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Sony 135mm f1.8 FE GM Image Samples and Overivew

Pre-Order The Sony 135mm f1.8 Lens: https://bhpho.to/2BOgntl This is an example of a portrait taken with the new Sony 135mm […]

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Sony a6300, a6400, a6500 Feature Comparison

Sony just released the under $1,000 a6400 in between the a6300 and a6500 models. In every way but one, the […]

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AI-Tracking Firmware Update Schedule for a9and a6400

Hard to find reliable information regarding where/when/what cameras get the new features in the upcoming Firmware updates. Here is the […]

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AI tracking for a6400 and a9 Demonstration And Guide

At 2/100 sec evaluation speed for Continuous Autofocus, the Sony a6400 has the fastest responding autofocus currently on the market. […]

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Sony a6400 Camera Announcement and Sony a9 Firmware

Gary Fong was at the big event where Sony announced the latest a6400 camera. Watch as Gary shares all the […]

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How To Setup Your Sony a9 For High Speed Action Photography

Gary Fong shows step-by-step how to optimize your Sony a9 for instant high speed shooting. This is a button-by-button guide […]

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The Sony a9 5x Slow Motion (120fps)

This is how to configure the Sony a9 for Slow Motion under the (S&Q Mode) S&Q stands for slow and […]

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Sony a9 Eye Autofocus Feature

This is a demonstration of the Sony a9 autofocus feature. The settings were: Face recognition on, and I set the […]

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Sony a9 20fps Autofocus Speed Demonstration

Gary Fong photographed this sequence of a pole vaulter using the Sony a9. The camera was set on MANUAL mode, […]

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Sony a9 demonstration of 20fps and Autofocus speed

This is a brief demonstration of the capabilities of the Sony a9 20fps autofocus. Comments welcome!

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Virtual Camera IOS App

With the touch of a finger, navigate your virtual camera's menu to access training videos designed to help you unleash the power of your camera.

The Virtual Camera provides information-packed video tutorials that directly reflect what each feature, menu item and button has to offer.