How To Setup Your Sony a9 For High Speed Action Photography

Gary Fong shows step-by-step how to optimize your Sony a9 for instant high speed shooting. This is a button-by-button guide to preparing your camera to shoot sports, or any fast-moving subject.

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Extremely Fast Manual Focus via Focus Peaking With The Sony A7ii

Focus Peaking is a very powerful tool for shooting still photography or video with manual focus and is preferable when […]

Configure your Sony Mirrorless camera for autofocus object tracking

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Sony a77 vs The New Sony a77ii

An explanation in the differences between the Sony a77 and new Sony a77ii

How To Update The Firmware In Your Sony Camera

A step-by-step video on how to update the firmware in your Sony camera.

Switching To Sony From Canon or Nikon Easily

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How To Photograph Interiors With Auto HDR on Sony Cameras

I’m at the harbour of beautiful Hong Kong and today, I wanted to show you how to photograph interiors using […]

A Demonstration of the Focus Lock Feature with the Sony a6000

One of the engineering feats of the Sony Alpha autofocus system is the face recognition. It tracks faces like a […]

Lock On Autofocus Expanded Flexible Spot With The Sony a77ii

Sony’s “Lock On Autofocus Expanded Flexible Spot” is a powerful, yet widely misunderstood tool. What it accomplishes is the ability […]

Making Sense Of The Choice of Sony Alpha Cameras

Gary shares his current gearbag of Sony cameras, consisting of the a99, a7r, a7s, a7, a77ii and the a6000, and lenses include a large variety of […]

Sony’s Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto Modes

New Sony Alpha cameras, like the Sony a6000 used in this video, incorporate automatic shooting modes that take nearly every […]

Peaking Mode for Manual Focus

Peaking Mode is an manual focus tool offered in Sony’s newer alpha cameras. It will outline in a selected color […]

Sony’s Intelligent Auto Modes

In Sony’s newest alpha cameras, there are two different “Intelligent Auto” modes, the green mode for single shot, and the […]

High Speed Motor with Face Recognition and Object Tracking using the Sony a77ii

Gary Fong demonstrates how to tackle the most difficult (yet important) sequences of the wedding day, when the couple comes […]

Motion Shot Sequence with the Sony a6000

Sony’s PlayMemories Camera Apps allow photographers to customize their cameras with specialty software that enhances certain functions. In this case, […]

12fps and Lock-On Autofocus on the Sony a77ii

For fast-action autofocus, the new state-of-the-art technology is only available on the Sony a77ii. This new technology automatically ‘tracks’ the […]

Lock-On Autofocus Expand Flexible Spot with the Sony a77ii

The new Sony a77ii has a new feature called “Lock-On AF Expand Flexible Spot” which allows the camera to lock […]

An Introduction Into The Sony a77ii

This is an introductory chapter of the detailed Sony a77ii Premium Video. The premium video is 2 hours long in content […]

Shooting Sports Or Action Photography In High Speed Mode

Longtime professional photographer Gary Fong demonstrates why having a super fast shutter mode helps insure the best action shots. Without […]

Transferring a Photo From Sony a6000 To a Smartphone

Sony’s a7/a7R, a6000, NEX cameras are WI-FI enabled and allow direct connection from camera to smartphone. Simply enable the camera […]

Which Sony Alpha is right for you? Sony a7r, a99, a77ii, a6000

Gary compares his current cameras of choice, the Sony Alpha system. In this video Gary highlights the features of benefits […]